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Welcome To Rock Salt Source Inc- Your Rock Salt Supplier

Our Mission is to Sell the Best Quality Deicing and Industrial Salt
and Provide the Best Service

Rock Salt Source Inc. is a national supplier of Treated Road Salt used by states, counties, cities, communities, oil and gas companies, landscapers and snow professionals to help keep our roadways, highways and parking lots safe during winter's inclement weather. Rock Salt Source sells the best quality bulk deicing and industrial salt; providing its customers with superior service that stands above all others.  Our deicing salt is of a high level of purity and meets American Society for Testing and Materials ("ASTM") specifications.  We ensure prompt delivery and service.  

Bagged Salt is available in various sizes, including 10 lb., 25 lb., 50 lb., and 80 lb. bags. It is fast acting and has superior melting power. The Rock Salt begins melting ice quickly and keeps melting it for an extended period of time. This is made possible through multiple-sized crystals. The smallest crystals dissolve quickly while the larger crystals last longer, reducing the amount of rock salt needed to get the job done. Our bagged salt is easy to apply and we are available to answer all customer questions and take orders with attention to the finest details.  All decisions are made with the customer in mind.  We also now have available medium coarse screened salt for bagging. Shipments can be made by barge, truck and rail. Rail Services are available to most transloading  facilities. Deliveries to Private Spurs/Sidings, are available as well. Our rail cars hold 98-100 tons per car, in bulk.  If you email us, please leave your name and number as well as quantity for rail, truck or barge rates.   



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If you need a Rock Salt supplier who can keep up with your needs even during the highest periods of demand we can help. Our specialist are experienced customer service representatives and dedicated truckers that you can rely on.




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